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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learn from Friends.

this week is the presentation week. forced to wear smart. haha

so me, as a teacher, present about "the suez canal", as i got some sunburnt, i said that i had vacation at midle east and visit the suez canal there. :P so...


before the presentation begin, all of us were extra-energetic. (throwing shoe parody)

i learnt bout Swine Flu from Kip Loong,

september 11 from sepehr

Fugu from AhPat

Barrack Obama from KaPiaw

London Sewage from KahSeng

Aliens from CheeLing

Dressing style from Daniel Lim

Blogging from Dhimas

Ultimate Frisbee from Daniel Su

Best of Malaysia from HyanPing

Chlaymidia from YouUng

pic with AhPat (that jacket i borrowed from Daniel Lim coz the room temp so low)

today :

Reality show from Darrold

Excess Light from Anders

Chemical test on animal from YinnXi

Hero from Melvin

Mistakes men did to women during courtship from Brenda

(brenda persuasive pose... candid)

Online Shoping from Christine

Love VS money from Alyssa


the next session is next week, few more students left. good luck to those who havent present yet. we did, and ur time is coming. hahahaha


aj said...

nice suit tet... best topik2 yang dibincangkan

Anonymous said...

very fun day,stressful at first but it was really fun,i hope we all get a good mark and of course good luck to the rest

KIBA kline said...

macam business man bercakap.

malik said...

eh kat mane tu. tak pernah tgk lak bilik tu.

ihsan_huhu said...

ape bende subjek camnih?