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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Only good coffee

So in the end, ive to use crutches for 2 days.. Wahaha Bole je jalan, cuma lembab yg teramat a. So ade tongkat, laju sikit hehehe And because of that, byk gila aweks kat kampus n kat luar tnya what happened bla2 And some ppl bagi tumpang time berjalan nk gi campus.. So cool According to kwn n abg tengah, it shud b okay lutut ni. And the other day I met this girl from a conference, she said masa introoducing session " i only take good coffee " So aku dgn naif nya pon gi la tnya " good coffee tu cap apa " Then dia jawab " i amek nescafe blend 453 ONLY! " Suprise gak a dgn jwpn dia.. Coz member aku yg kaki minum ( kopi bkn kencing setan ) sume ckp nescafe ni plain gila xde rasa bla2 So conclusion dia ... Popuannn ~~ hihihi ok good luck exam to all, and goodluck to me. Oh, aritu fadila kamsa hamida atau kamtumimana2 pon boleh, dtg perth. And dont forget to watch legendary of Korra, avatar nyer sambungan. Best! Along umah kitrg beli " ZAGG", keyboard utk ipad dia.. Skali benda tu guna bluetooth je, xde a technology gempak cam dlm iklan dia punnnnn... . Terus along down smbil rasa terhina wakakaka

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mapping like a boss

the truth is, mapping like coolie

but however, im satisfied with it. well understood. well interpreted

farewell assignments for this sem.

saja nak tayang map


*Nilemah back flat*

so u guys see see la, then think think la. i do go uni and belaja belaja ok!

uollss (tertinggal)

if you are taking geology, i know what you gonna say, "your logging looks good" 

ada tak terfikir nk ckp tu?

weeheeeee.. riak ujub takbur sume datang ni.. *keraskan hati dari sifat2 mazmumah tadi*


tapi mafeitz (doktor pakar) kata, "klau terer riak xpe" and of course he was joking, jgn ada tak pasal2 orang quote pastu percaya lak. orang sekarang jangan kesah. kadang2 teraltimet bodoh tu ada gak appear tiba2.

so ive been rushing to do everything because i believe. procrastinator always win.

selain itu, umi ayah ( with a fair chance of 0.00001% that the gonna read my blog), syafiq baru sahaja buat presentation cari minyak kat north sea , UK.. hoho klau korang dengar presentation tadi. mmg masing kepala basah je dalam lecture hall percaya aku ckp pasal jumpa minyak bla bla bla.. tapi data2 lengkap.. mmg tak tipu ah!

xde keja blog pasal assignment. sape nk tau.. ngong

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Project Ex!

so i was planning with a friend for a project "Ex"

if it happens, then most probably without any doubt ill post them up here.

or else, just gonna let the dream come true later on..

so ive been keeping up with my usually activity apart from texting some chicks with no reply like always, i went for rugby training every weekend, joined lepaking session with rugby-mates or also known as "geng rugby yang nk pukul anak saya - lulz wtf?" , then went lepaking with housemate. went to lab at night and still couldnt managed to finish things up and that made look like an total idio* (can be idiom which will not make any sense at all). went for cycling on Sunday which came out to be a very sunny day even though this morning was so cold, didnt wanna go at the first place, but I did promised them on the other day..

death will come when you least expect it.. so this morning before we went for cycling, this kak ana said "akak rasa x sedap hati.. nak pi jugak ka?" then we all still insisted to go, at the first stop, we met another friend and this kak shima she already had he bike accident earlier in the morning before we met her at that first stop. blood was still flowing out of her chin. then this kak ana said "akak da kata! nak gi lagi ? " and since this kak shima with her terminator-avenger determination, she said she is ok and lets proceed.

just about 4km to where we started, unluckily, accident happened. one of our friends had her handle-side-head on collision with another mat salleh coming from opposite direction. might probably because she was listening to her earphones and she didnt notice the "bike" warn given by people in front. so ambulance came and took that mat salleh to hospital. something happened to her right shoulder, she said she cannot move her arm at all and luckily nothing happen to our friend. and again this kak ana " akak da kata! maybe ini kot akak rasa x sedap tu ".. we have 1 cycle-mate that is pregnant at the moment, so this kaum2 ibu said " nasib baik x jadi kat dia bla bla bla.. " just cant imagine if something "on the next level" happen.

so pengajaran di sini , sport gives you nothing except pain and injuries - precious jere - classmate.

so I would like to say , Datin Rosmah really deserves to get the Tokoh Sukan tittle.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

gold coast trip

so whats up? paint ballz and gold coast seems fun. was very fun indeed.

especially when people took nice picture of yourself with flat-tummy looked which is suppose to be very not.

picture like this is quite rare to see
thanks to my housemate for being a DON during the game session, he bought us 1000 bullets with a tittle "dont worrt, have FANG!" ganu style!

the paintball session was good, even though some didnt turn up, but we managed to discuss and get back to deposit, wasnt that much of discussion, maybe the owner is rich enough and cool with the money

bout the gold coast. , since I was sent by them to attend the meeting, yeah i attended all the meetings. and proudly, i skipped all the team building sessions. 

but the funny part was the very next day, a person came to me and he started to talk bout yesterday stuff, and I talked with him like i was with them all in the past day. lulz

and since i bought myself a camera, i did fully utilized them. snapped every single things though sometimes it seems like no meaning at all. 

smiling in the water like a boss..

being retarted
thanks esan belanja itu ini =D ! hehehehe besday a kire

so my friend the vlogger challenged me to make a vid, and get either 1000 views or 50 likes within fortnight.. 
the idea is there.. but no balls. huahaha..

and yeah! you dont have to get fit to become a sports icon, just make sure your shirt is very fit.