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Monday, May 23, 2011


1st. syukur kehadrat Allah yg maha kuasa. tanpanya. siapalah kita. terima kasih ibunda dan ayanda kerana telah pergi ke kl dgn hebatnya demi mempertahankan maruah bangsa dan agama. xde ah. kerana telah ke kl utk kasikan barang aku ke amin. lalu kami aminkan beramai2. makanya ia termakbul dan smpailah barang ke sini

2nd. exam da dekatmacamnisampaixadaspace. tapi orangnya camni la gak. tambah2 lak dgn ketiadaan kawan2 yg banyak untuk mendorong semangatku untuk study. mmg bertambah malaslah. malas2 tapi study quality tinggi xapa. *sedapkan hati diri sendiri yg sememangnya sedap. nak nak pulak smlm makan kuih kacang dgn sarmosa dgn donat. rajen azli buat donat.*

3rd. syafiq afifi pandai jawab exam mesti terer. << haha! korang da terdoa kat aku. thx yo!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mighty Duck

have you ever been asked "if you are given chance to become an animal for 1 day, what is the animal?"




here, your classmate's age range from 18 to 40 ++ ... something u cannot find in Malaysia

btw, after discussing with friends, i think ducks are the most awesome animal on earth.

why? first, we can eat their meat. u go to penang, there is a nasi kandar itik. awesome! but a bit expensive, i eat itik kari and then they wrote on the bill "ikti kapi"

besides, u can use it feathers for pillow, long pillow, short pillow, dunlopillow, etc.

besides, ducks can walk on land, float above the water, fly and swim underwater!

besides, kangeroos have pocket, ducks can bring their ducklings on their back.

beside having a psychic power, duck can stand on 1 leg while resting. << the most awesome fact!

by i right now, if waniduckie is reading, she might feel awesome, but im sorry, im not talking bout you, at all!

i am just sharing this so next time if there is someone asks you the question, the answer is duck!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

from albany to margaret river with love

*water around the outcropt*

Reached home, cooked myself a dinner, i just realized, english's foods are good and perfect for me

i had cereals for breakfast, fruits and juices for brekky, sandwiches for lunch, and hotdog + bun or pasta or bbq for dinner

they all are just perfect!


nasi lemak kuih donat karipap lopes keropok lekor ayam masak sambal ikan masak asam pedas etc etc jugak yang terbaik!

whatever it is, the field trip was awesome!
made lots of friend, 7 out of them are girls! carmella, kristy, elizabeth, jecintha, heider, !@#$% and !@#$

table tennis, pool, footy and chit chatting around the campfire were cool! im not mentioning about peeking girls. so dont take me wrong.

the water was very tempting. who wanna come perth? i have few good spots. I saved B spot for beach, C spot for cape and G spot for gulf. no worries mike bak kata orang putih.

i dedicate this picture to my mom, happy mother's day

get urself nutri-grain (if im not mistaken) instead of weet-bix or just right.
nutri-grain is the best!
here is the picture (in case u cant understand my broken english)

and i dedicate this one to my previous classmates in MIRI! XOXO