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Saturday, May 2, 2009

jalan-jalan malaysia

last tuesday, me and dhimas, we went to kuching to holiday and visit our friends.

*this is Dhimas, Millionaire from Indonesia

there was abg lan and his sister going to Kuching too.

*me and my luggage. action macam tgu baggage

we stayed at melvin's parent house. :D

it was so nice. the house was like a honda show room.

*heee all honda inside

we arrived kuching at 7pm. melvin took us, the house was near to airport, just 10 minutes by car, 30 minutes by walk.

the next morning, we went to Brenda's parent Muara Tabuan, to pick her up.

then we went straight to Siburan to meet Kip Loong,

then we went to Jong Croc Farm, 1km from Kip Loong house.

*them, while walking to the croc jumping show

Kip Loong was a very good guider, he like memorized all the Croc farm's schedule

we watched jumping croc.

they looks like lizard when jumping

then few other animals there such as big fish, arapaima, birds, and this.

to be eaten by crocs maybe. got piglet behind

then we all went to few beaches in Kuching.

we were unclucky once when Kip Loong anser got stuck in sand.

got few people around us, and just WATCHING. thanks.

we almost push it out by ourselve, but lucky 2 boys came and helped us. thanks.

after that, we went to Cat Museume, just to waste our time. and it was nice.

then we passed by Amalina's parent house :D at taman sukma. she brought us to Swee Kang, or Ah Kang.

there got lots of nice dessert such as ABC and got a drink named whitelady, i dont try it, nvrmnd, next time maybe :D

then i ordered 2 ABC. amalina treated us! hehehe

the round about which is the-must-take-pic spot

that night, we all watched Xmen.

then next morning,thursday, we met our shopping expert, Brenda. she brought us to few shopping malls.

i didnt buy anything that day as my beloved CIMB bank server was down. thanks for saving my money. :D

then on friday, we prepared and went back to miri and act like normal people that we used to be. haha

brenda pick us up to airport.thank you


btw, we met Ali in Kuching, my classmate which is rarely can be seen in class.

want candy? too late. :D

Thanks everyone for making our trip to Kuching, Superb. :D

us in MAS


aj said...

padan la senyap je ....takde dhimas!

k u c e m said...

want chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

husna afifi said...

mas ke airasia?

Anonymous said...

akhirnye an update~

lyanne37 said...

mane souvenir aku??

zacharias said...

jangan kena selesema khinzir sudah la

ihsan_huhu said...

pasnih ade seleseme buaya plak

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

bila sang kaya berbicara