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Saturday, April 16, 2011

so whats up with the erection?

sorry, election..

sarawak election... we can see, most city areas in Sarawak go to PR while all the country parts go to BN

u know what? okay. lemme tell you!!!!

and this is a secret. please bare this in mind

this is not a secret. so since it is a secret. i dont think im gonna share it with you

ya la! coz it is a secret. if i tell u. it wont be a secret anymore..

secret NOMORE!

okay. okay.

have u ever heard of conspiracy theory? about the end of the world, dajjal comes etc.. if u havent seen the arrival. u shouldnt go and see to understand these secrets. coz they are not related at all!!!!!!!

they chose what ever meet their need. so

first they see Party Rocket. then they say
"wattahek is this ? is a new kind of tree or what? but it is not gree. it is red and yellow! its a curse to our forest. aaaaa"

then they see Moon Party
im not gonna quote about this because, try to think logically, if they dont know about the rocket, how on earth it is possible to reach the moon without rocket?
so they dont know about the moon la actually nk ckp sbb tatau kewujudan rocket.

and finally! they see the balance party
"wah! this is good. it gives us things that we need. bla bla bla"

my advice : dear MoonParty, change ur flag when trying to get to the rural area people. change to something more useful. such as cawat or sumpit.

grammar go die. hahaha. xdapat apply jadi PR a camni


husna afifi said...

maybe bendera parti bulan patut buang je bulan,ijau je ..bile ijau je...nmpak la kehijauan..

verification word: macca..haahaha.

ihsan_huhu said...

or babi hutan pon femes