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Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh yeah! so wassup with today?

today is 4^2 / 4

i was a sperm 21 years and 9 months ago..

from that tiny mini miny mo crature (since JB is coming to m'sia, so lets give him credit)

ended (not end yet la tapi) up this round big like this.

at least i experienced being thin before. and it is cool. coz

less fat = cool! more fat = hotter, easy to get sweat etc.

talking bout cool. ive a friend here, is his room, he put the silly square fat perfectly on the window, and when he turn it on, the breeze that coming tru is soooo nice, macam aircond!

but end up in the morning, we are all freezing like staying in freezer for 22 months.... cakap macam pernah buat je B-)

facebook? fb chatting is not the best, yet it is good. it makes my lazy ass become lazy dumb ass. i just forgot how a ass can get dumber day by day. but the fact is, the ass just forgot how to move its muscle, so that i can stand. end up sitting in front of the laptop/pc for 1 or 2 hours doing nthg!

see profile picture, that is just the neck, the lower u go, the bigger it get! haha. i wonder if it is real. my stomach and my other lower parts are overflowing on the floor i guess.
(omg.. tanak akuuuu)

btw, greet some fancy anonymous, sometimes they are much more friendly than those u already knew.

dear japanese, please decrease the amount of porn production and sex business, and hopefully, the amount of earthquake will be decreased too.

know can do. dont know still can do.

we dont know but we did coz we think we can.

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