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Friday, April 8, 2011

mari ber belog lagi

okay. first of all. im not at full health today.

so many things happened last week.

and like always , lab sessions were suck! sucked till the front part goes inside. yet, im still happying myself around.

i just installed my awesome chrome with "blog this!" application. though it sounds cool, it is kinda cool. i think this apps is twitter-like.

my roommate is studying right damn now. before and after this for sure.

tests were okay (i guess)...

GLEE is getting stupid. more towards homo relationship and stuff. and more male-to-male kissing scene.

pity japan, pity libya, pity sarawak, pity others too

aha! this one might be interesting. since this is my first time living in 4 season country, so, here it begin the coolnesss..

i cycled to campus yesterday. and by the time i arrive campus, both my palms were freezing to death. maybe because of the early morning condition, and like always, awesome to cycle at night.

dont forget this vid!

it is huge and nice.. i mean the song

who else is still blogging? most of the people have change their path to vlog.

twitter. lets twitter and ignore the lecture.

whatever it is. byebye!


ihsan_huhu said...

oi study

*_* said...

english, cm biasa. ske ati.

lyanne37 said...

wahh.. your writing is kinda more mature nowadays..

too bad lah syafiq afifi, we've gotta change, degree year isn't like the good old foundation days. really. neway, all the best kat sana ok. nanti hari raya balik jb, dtg raya rumah aku. =D

a.j. said...

Salam. bro. sorry lambat reply. tgh bz bantai zionis.

anyway. Kelantan kalah 4 - 0 ngan perak. SigaSaga! apekah!?

iela SFN said...

ha ha, twitter ?

agak x bape reti nk gune, bolehh tak ?? :P