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Sunday, December 12, 2010

reminder to hardworking students

went to Mersing this morning. though the name is "Mersing" it has nothing to do with "me are sing" or "me are singh" or any activities involving voice (singing) and harmony stuffs. it just a name given to a district in Johor. try to google it, in case someone here are extremely poor with Malaysia geography.

Went there for a wedding reception of someone that is blood related to my mum. i drove extremely fast. (according to my level of acceleration while driving). plus, the road was extremely synform and antiform, except, the axis are all horizontal.
though, i enjoyed the ride, since i was imagining as it is the "akira mountain"

and i was thinking. actually, why it is important to study hard? or being a hardworking student?



if you wish to own a big house or >RM20m house. u dont have to score in your study.


if you wish to own such a big wife.still, you dont have to score in your study.


you wish to own such a big amount of money? nahh! study is not important.

why? because this picture explains everything


okay okay. straight to the point, just telling u guys that one of those kittens dint manage to survive, so far. RIP.


jamesberrok said...


ihsan_huhu said...

rumah tokey tempe tuh

husna afifi said...

tgl ape je?

Anonymous said...

sedihnya kucing tu. huhu :'(

naserol said...

Nice one tet. :)