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Thursday, April 16, 2009


hari ni 16 april besday aku

so this morning i entered the class. everyone sang me besday song. i tot thats the end

but then, suddenly, on afternoon, i went cafeteria, just finish my pray.

then they all (my classmate were there), i saw box of tissue on the table

i tot there was a cake inside, i sat in front of it, then they sang me again a besday song,

everyone at cafe heard that, then they brought out a big thick chocolate secret recipe cake.

wow! i was so amazed. haha. then they Dhimas asked me to take the tissue out,

coz we usually eat using tissue instead of plate. but then! got an earphone inside.

i tot it was for my Sony ericsson, but then it was a all new Sony walkman MP3 player. wow!

i sat down quietly. speechless. fuhh, u guys really made my day! then ammar n koyot came n bought me a very nice grape taste ice blended! thanks again all.

thanks to mom n dad. bro n sis. and thanks to all 2E3 students. and few others student. ammar n koyot. all all of my frens.

here some pics.
cant put pics here. internet too slow. nvrmnd
fb pic

thanks all


lyanne37 said...

apekah post? ish. post ko semakin lame semakin lame. cepat2 bwt post best2 lg.

korten (previously known as mau) said...

post die hepi2 n lawak2 la...hahaha... sape sangke beb besday membe kumpul duit beli mp3...k...kawan2...thn depan aku nk macbook! cepat menabung ntuk aku! hahaha

ihsan_huhu said...

so bende tuh mp3 player ke walkman yg kaset tuh lol

awien said...

happy birthday to you

Anonymous said...

Nice, Hepi bday btw

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

selamat hari lahir ke sembilan belas.
aku beli gak hadiah untuk kau, nanti kita jumpa, aku bagi. ok

lyanne37 said...

ouh. selamat hari lahir syafiq afifi!!! :)

afiq said...

wei happy bday...aku takde ar maser bday happy belated bday...moga makin membesar...

lil haikal said...

happy birhtday bubu...

luv u bubu..

husna afifi said...

konpius...kamu dpt adiah apa?ke kotak tisu je?konpius