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Saturday, April 25, 2009


last Thursday, we had a BBQ party.

organizer : 2E3 students.

location : BoonXi's n Christine's hosue

time : 6pm - 10pm app

before study freeweek (now is freeweek) we planned a BBQ party.

it flowed nicely as we planned. Sorry BoonXi, ur theme Pajama wasnt successful

btw, i got funny moment when a african lady suddenly came in and asked me

"am i invited?" at the same time, she went inside the house like it was her event.

then i told her that "sorry, it is our class party" everyone was weird. i scared that if we allow her, she will invite her frens. who knows? their unexpected :P

no pics. sorry, my cam having rest, im going to take those pics from Christine later. thanks.

however. it was nice and the marinade was superbly delicious!

happy holiday


Anonymous said...

ko ni asyik2 xde pics je post ko bosan arrr aku nak tgk gambar2 x nak aarr words je memanjang

aj said...

kau tau tak siape nye yamaha guitar ngan pick up mic tu ...

best la ... pinjam lagik skali

hee hee

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

seluar sapa yang singkat butet oi.

shafiq sukiman said...

racist sial kau ni..