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Thursday, May 17, 2012

gold coast trip

so whats up? paint ballz and gold coast seems fun. was very fun indeed.

especially when people took nice picture of yourself with flat-tummy looked which is suppose to be very not.

picture like this is quite rare to see
thanks to my housemate for being a DON during the game session, he bought us 1000 bullets with a tittle "dont worrt, have FANG!" ganu style!

the paintball session was good, even though some didnt turn up, but we managed to discuss and get back to deposit, wasnt that much of discussion, maybe the owner is rich enough and cool with the money

bout the gold coast. , since I was sent by them to attend the meeting, yeah i attended all the meetings. and proudly, i skipped all the team building sessions. 

but the funny part was the very next day, a person came to me and he started to talk bout yesterday stuff, and I talked with him like i was with them all in the past day. lulz

and since i bought myself a camera, i did fully utilized them. snapped every single things though sometimes it seems like no meaning at all. 

smiling in the water like a boss..

being retarted
thanks esan belanja itu ini =D ! hehehehe besday a kire

so my friend the vlogger challenged me to make a vid, and get either 1000 views or 50 likes within fortnight.. 
the idea is there.. but no balls. huahaha..

and yeah! you dont have to get fit to become a sports icon, just make sure your shirt is very fit.

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ihsan_huhu said...

menyesal la plak x angkat size 8 arituh. tp gle xsedap bawah ketiak kl amik yg tuh