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Friday, October 30, 2009

communication skill

saja2 buhsan2. so, i wrote some tips how to tell a person that u are not believe in him/her. find which is close to your profession.

cara org statistic ckp : aku xleh nk percaya kau sbb, only first quartile ngan 3rd quartile of your phrase can be trusted, the rest all bullshit. so every 2.4 words, the will be a lie between em. so all over after looking on the null hypothesis i made earlier, i cant believe in u, ur lie mean support the null.

cara org physic ckp : the longer you speak, it is like the light penetrating lens and mirrors, the more u talk, the true facts in ur words become further, smaller and diminished. even worse, it become unreal.

cara org medic ckp : it is not like i dont want to hear your story, it is like your mouth full with cavities. i cant even stand it when u open your mouth. it is like im getting nausea straight away from the begining of your speech. if i stand longer, i have the potential having otitis interna or labyrinthitis in the next 5 minutes.

cara org insuran ckp : i think u might need insurance for every words u deliver. u might get punch in the end of the phrase.

btw, mr moore punya documentary mmg membuka mata, sapa la mr moore msia agaknya, si petra kah?


DeklinDot said...

deklindot likes this..hahahaha

husna afifi said...

to many input get at one time..confiuse!

ihsan_huhu said...

una: confiuse (confuse slang scottish hahah)

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

kau golongan mana?

eis said...

nice one.
wt aq t'senyum sorg2.