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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lost 1 sock... right one


just now (now is 10.06pm) around 7pm, i was on my way to home, with my friend's car.(like ford ranger). i sat on the back.. suddenly, an accident happen in front of us.. woaah!!!

at first, i was just like woah!!! then, need to help that guy. accident between a proton waja and a motorcycle, thought the cyclist already dead, lucky, god bless him. hohoho

no one help. im the one, act like a hero.. hoho.. help that guy so much. everyone else just stand and record video..huh.. no napkin,i used my sock to tide that guy arm. bleed badly. the protein inside can be seen. hoho

he was safe and sent to hospital. that all for now.


ihsan_huhu said...

1st aid 101: make sure u r safe 1st

kl ade bleeding make sure pkai glove or xdek open wound. sbb mungkin org yg eksiden tuh ade aids ke hep B ke or disease yg boleh berjangkit tru darah

kl xdek glove make sure x come in contact with darah. bahaye!

husna afifi said...

acting like hero<--syafiq
and be a hero..<-- doctor
different thing la
neway..tahniah r d ats pengalaman br itu
ntah mana2 la deme accident tu

br lps watch 'hancock',
GOOD JOB!<--kata2 dia

Zacharias said...

una lambat. kat opis ni dah lama tersebar ayat2 GOOD JOB!!

anyway.. lain kali make sure gak sebelum tolong orang. takut2 silap angkat, patah tengkuk orang, mati on the spot. or dari patah sket, jadi permanent disability

asma' afifi said...

oo..patutle call jb tanye pasal nak buat blood test...the person that acted like hero seeked opinion from true superhero aaa....hahaha!!!
rilek2....physiotherapist!!! jangan la buat "hero" gelabah!!!hahah