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Sunday, May 8, 2011

from albany to margaret river with love

*water around the outcropt*

Reached home, cooked myself a dinner, i just realized, english's foods are good and perfect for me

i had cereals for breakfast, fruits and juices for brekky, sandwiches for lunch, and hotdog + bun or pasta or bbq for dinner

they all are just perfect!


nasi lemak kuih donat karipap lopes keropok lekor ayam masak sambal ikan masak asam pedas etc etc jugak yang terbaik!

whatever it is, the field trip was awesome!
made lots of friend, 7 out of them are girls! carmella, kristy, elizabeth, jecintha, heider, !@#$% and !@#$

table tennis, pool, footy and chit chatting around the campfire were cool! im not mentioning about peeking girls. so dont take me wrong.

the water was very tempting. who wanna come perth? i have few good spots. I saved B spot for beach, C spot for cape and G spot for gulf. no worries mike bak kata orang putih.

i dedicate this picture to my mom, happy mother's day

get urself nutri-grain (if im not mistaken) instead of weet-bix or just right.
nutri-grain is the best!
here is the picture (in case u cant understand my broken english)

and i dedicate this one to my previous classmates in MIRI! XOXO


=Waniduckie= said...

Cam best je. Mcm lebih byk blajar dr kitaorang. Hahaha.

MS-3P said...

pegi trip ape ni bnyak sngat gadis2? trip crocodile hunter?

ihsan_huhu said...

ape brg cornflakes homebrand sudeh