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Sunday, February 27, 2011

to be or not to be

to be or not to be is same like to shit or not to shit. either u want ur stomach to continuously in pain or u press the shit in vain but u get the rest after.

okay. since i arrived here. my legs keep giving me bloody moment. few days ago, i accidentally step on one of the nails used on the floor carpet. blood 1 - no-blood 0

then day after. went to a friend house. i was about the go inside the house then again, suddenly my foot landed on a very hard fruit. damn fruit. but this time blood 1 - no-blood 1

and finally. went to play rugby. the field has a very comfort and green grass. however. i really mess up my leg after i tried to make a touch down. so blood 2 - no-blood 1..

blood win! yeay


last week, a friend asked me "kau nk jadi ketua umno sini x?"

wahaha. what kind of question is that? i havent answer.


in this house (the house that im currently staying), they have 1 rule.

those who cook must washed the ware that they use. in my opinion, the rule is some kinda stupid. the person already tired after cooking. yet he have to washed the items he used. i ask them y, they say to make it fair. for me, why dont the last person wash the things? the last person who take ayam masak merah from kuali wash the kuali. if you dont want wash. much more easier.

and then a married person said " mmg macam tu lah, kamu da kawen pon nti camtu"
the hell! i really dont understand how can he said thing such as that. i really thought that teamwork is much more important in marriage. he said "isteri masak, and mmg la dia basuh"
kepala hotak dia. igt bini kuli ke ape.

no wonder in our family, one of the best topic to discuss is "family kita lain"
we like to spend times with other family. and yet, we like to compare.


husna afifi said...

mujur dia dh kawin..klo x sure akak akan cakap 'jgn kawin mamat tu sbb nnt jd kuli!'

seriously, i would rather 'shut up' instead of give my own opinions in certain matters as i always happened to be the one who is soo different..nyampah!

mujur xd rules kat rumah akak ni, tp macam otomatik, if i cooked. my hsmate will wash kuali periuk senduk r , kite dh penat masak.
lain la kalau kite masak utk kite aje, so lojikla kite basuh.klo sndiri mkn, tinggal x basuh. tu mmg nk kena la..

again : family kita lain..! :) and i proud to be one of those weirdos!

soalan 'ko nk jd ketua umno' tu bloody question! blood add 1 more points! heheheeh

ihsan_huhu said...

fair la, lepas masak basuh. kalau x, mmg terbiar je pinggan x basuh.

lgpon fair la, hari lain org lain masak org lain tuh jugak yg basuh. xnampak pon ape yg xfair nyer.

jadik je press umno, dpt tiket flight balik mesia time AGM umno kat mesia kang.

ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

haha.. mmg fair pon

cuma orang da kawin ckp camtu yg x berapa nk bes dgr

aben said...

rumah sewa aku xde rule cmtu.
org len masak, org len setting, org len cuci..
tp salunye yg cuci tu org yg last la.

husna afifi said...

klo org yg masak, yg cuci..ok janji semua kene makan..sbb klo org last guna yg cuci, mmg silap2 org yg sll last makan asyik kene cuci yg memasak lak sedap je guna brg2 kuali periuk senduk byk2 sbb tau org lain cuci..bile sndiri kene cuci, kompem la, guna brg nk msk sikit je..sbb nnt tau, diri sndiri la yg penat nk cuci..hahahahaha

JOHAN said...

aku setuju!
cos nih experience 4 thaun duk ngan bdak2 mcm2 perangai termasuk aku skali...

sapa masak..dia basuh kuali smua..then gilir2 smua orang ada turn masak dia sendri..
nak suruh orang last basuh..leceh la..masing2 tunggu orang lain basuh or tuding2 jari siapa makan last..
fair sgtt la tuh..

tp bler dah kwen tuh len citer ar..nih rule tuk rumah bujang la derr